"Discover 6 Secret Golf Slice Fixes That Will
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10 Minute Golf Slice

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  • How I cured my slice with this simple 10-second drill
  • The slight tweak to your grip that eliminates any golf slice
  • How this small change to your takeaway destroys the worst of slices

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James Stevens

I watched your video on the correct hinging motion of the golf club and hit some balls on the range, I was absolutely astounded as to how much more solid and powerful my shots were!! I am truly grateful to you!
- James Stevens

Jim Burton

The video was awesome! Thanks for the help. I specifically like the explanation about where the hands are released. I wish a driving range was open….next spring I guess.
- Jim Burton

Tina Margaris

Until today when I purchased your 6 min. swing fixes I was really struggling with a great big fade with my driver. After two hours doing your drills - I sent the ball straight over and over again! Thanks again for your help!
- Tina Margaris