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How to Get Into the Slot for a Perfect Downswing in Golf

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Perfect Downswing In Golf

Finding the perfect downswing to hit solid, powerful golf shots is what every golfer is searching for. The key to getting in this position is the role the arms play in the downswing. 

You often hear the phrase from top players called ‘finding the slot’. The slot is that ideal position in the downswing that enables the golfer to swing through to the golf ball in an inside to outside swing plane.

Most beginners and amateurs are unable to find the slot because they are too active with their arms in the downswing.

In particular the right arm (right hander) often dominates the downswing forcing the golfer to swing around the over the golf ball. This is better known as coming over the top. This causes several bad shots from slices, pulls and everything else in between.

Here is a great drill I found from Michael Breed and the team at the Golf Channel. It is called the one arm drill and can be performed with or without a golf ball. You can practice this in your backyard or even your living room and only takes a few seconds.

Here’s the video and description of the drill:-

Downswing Drills – The Golf Fix | Golf Channel

1.   Take your golf club with just your right hand. Leave your left hand off the golf club and place to the side or behind your back.

2.   Take slow ¾ length golf swings with just the right hand and let the golf club come right through towards the target.

3.   Try to feel the club coming through closer to your body on more of an inside to outside swing path. If you’re hitting a golf ball at the range you will notice the flight path will start to gradually favour a more right left direction, this is good.

4.   Finally, add your left hand to the grip and start to make easy golf swings. You should start to feel the golf club coming through to the ball on a better swing path.

Practice this drill several times at the golf driving range until it feels comfortable. Start off with one hand and then gradually add the second. This will help you find the slot more often and in no time develop a perfect downswing.

Finding the slot in golf is a lot easier to achieve if these follow these drills.

Give it a try and let me know your results.

Please leave your comments below.

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    October 10, 2012 at 11:14 pm

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    • Troy Vayanos

      November 3, 2012 at 9:56 pm

      Yes there are some good golf applications out there. I have used the ‘SwingReader Golf’ for a while now and got a lot of benefit out of it.

      Thanks for commenting.

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