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4 Killer Signs You’re Wasting Time at the Golf Driving Range

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Golf Driving Range

Whether you’re a competitive club golfer or just an everyday hacker every golfer at some stage visits their local golf driving range. Now before I get started with the heart of this post please bear in mind the following.

If you’re just a social visitor to your local golf driving range and are only there for some fun please read no further. This is designed for the regular club golfer or any golfer for that matter that wants to see some real improvement.

On my many visits to local golf ranges over the years I have noticed a number of things that really stand out. There seems to be a real lack of purpose about how golfers are spending their time there and how they practice.

Here are my 4 sure-fire signs you’re betting off spending your time elsewhere:

1.   Hitting golf balls without stretching or warm up

Seems obvious but most golfers just don’t do it. To get the most out of your practice your body must be fully warmed up and ready to go. Spend at least 5 minutes stretching the big muscles of your back, shoulders and legs.

2.   The first club you pull out of the bag is your driver

This is a real big one. Golfers wanting to see improvement in their game should start their practice routine off with the shortest club. Your wedges should be the first club pulled out of the bag.

From there you progress through the clubs and work your way up to the driver.

3.   You’re trying to hit the ball collecting tractor

This is a no-brainer but it only stands to reason that if this is you, then you’re there just for some fun and games. But if you’re there for some real constructive practice then stay away from the moving targets and focus on the job at hand.

Here’s some more great advice to get the most out your driving range visit.

4.   You don’t aim for any specific target

This is a real common one and something that I have been guilty of in the past. It’s important to treat your time at the golf driving range as if you’re on the golf course during a round.

Pick out a target in the distance and pretend it’s a hole at your local golf course. This helps simulate the whole golf experience and at least put some pressure on you to focus on the job at hand.

So next time you are at your local golf driving range remember to spend the time there wisely. Start with some stretching and warm up, take out a wedge, pick out a target and begin practising.

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