Hi Troy

I am so pleased I watched your video. I’ve been having golf lessons every week for about 6 months. My instructor told me from the beginning that I was swinging out to in or “over the top”. He’s really helped me to improve my game but I couldn’t use the driver as it almost always resulted in a big slice.

He’s had me doing many drills in an attempt to cure the over the top swing but nothing seemed to work and although there was improvement, the left to right ball flight was always present and it was so frustrating.

I just had to let you know that your video drill worked immediately and it was so simple the way you explained it. I knew straight away on the range yesterday that it was working. I went back there again today just to make sure and it was perfect. Even the driver is going straight and there is so much more distance from both the driver and the irons.

It’s great to see the balls releasing forwards when they land instead of bouncing off to the right like they used to do! I’m not usually one for posting comments on the internet but I just had to say thank you! I can’t wait to take it to the course tomorrow.